Name:Theresa White
Profession:Online Content Coordinator, Non-Profit
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Education:MA- Immigration and Settlement Studies, Ryerson University
 BA- Sociology/ International Studies, University of New Brunswick Saint John

What I do at work:

I help immigrants in an online capacity. I help with keeping information on a website up to date and accurate. It is for immigrants to Canada who have just arrived and plan to settle.

How I got my job:

I was able to use my previous experience as transferable skills combined with my education background. I may not have had the languages they asked for but I brought enough cultural competence to the position that they hired me.

My first job:

Play Park Attendant, Call Centre, Cashier (all were 'first jobs at various points')

Best advice I ever got:

Do what will make you happy otherwise you'll be unsatisfied in your career choice no matter how much money you make. If you can't work in your passion, volunteer in it so you have an outlet.

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