Name:Jason Young
Profession:Forensic Engineer, Consulting
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Education:Masters in Biomedical Engineering, U of T
 Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Ontario

What I do at work:

I investigate the cause of car accidents, as well as slips, trips, and falls, and testify as an expert witness in court to explain our findings. I manage a team of investigators with various skills and talents.

How I got my job:

After starting off in research and then moving to manufacturing for a few years, I noticed the job opening for this position on the web. I researched this field and prepared a strong resume and cover letter, and called the recruiter directly to talk about it with him.

My first job:

Delivering flyers by hand, door-to-door, the summer that I turned 14.

Best advice I ever got:

Who is wise? One who learns from every person. Who is strong? One who conquers their inclination. Who is rich? One who is satisfied with what they have. Who is honoured? One who honours others.

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