Name:Jodie Parsons
Profession:Student Nurse & Care Assistant, Health Care
Location:Birmingham, West Midlands
Education:Adult Nursing, Birmingham City University
 Higher Education Chemistry & Biology & Psychology ( A-Level ), Josiah Mason College

What I do at work:

I do two things, i'm a full-time student nurse, I attend lectures and work at Good Hope Hospital where i administer drugs, provide basic hygiene care, assist with toilet needs, manual handelling, offer advice to patients and their relatives. Provide comfort to those who are distressed and maintain confidentiality. I am also a part-time care assistant for an elderly woman with special needs I help walk her dogs, play games with her take her shopping, aswell as provide basic care.

How I got my job:

I got my care assistant job by applying through a recruitment agency, I got a position as a student by showing my dedication to nursing.

My first job:

My first job was as a volunteer at Birmingham Nature Centre where I helped care for animals, aswell as a job at the Sabathathra Centre which is a Buddhist House.

Best advice I ever got:

The best advice i ever got was "Those who get the best out of life are those who make the best of what they have" which was from a buddhist monk.

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