Name:Amy Nesbitt
Profession:Elementary Teacher, Education
Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Education:Education - Primary Junior, University of Ottawa
 Honours English, University of Ottawa

What I do at work:

I plan lessons, carry them out, and report on the learning of approximately 32 students per year. In the case of an elementary teacher, I teach all subjects except French. I also do remedial tutoring with a small group of 5 children, and coach several sports. I try to take into account different learning styles and approaches while writing my lessons.

How I got my job:

I was a student teacher for a teacher who was retiring. She recommended to the principal that I take her place, and I did. It was the toughest class I ever had, a Grade 6 group, but it got me in the door.

My first job:

My first job was as a camp counsellor. I knew I wanted to be a teacher and always chose jobs that dealt with youth or children.

Best advice I ever got:

If you even reach one child with a lesson, you have done something right. It helps becausee soemtimes you feel like no one is listening to the lesson, but usually at least one student got it, soemthing clicked. Of course other days everyone gets it and it's a great day, but it's good advice for those rough days.

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