Name:Jason Li
Profession:Mobile Software Developer/Entrepreneur, Software
Location:Toronto, ON
Education:B. Math (Computer Science), University of Waterloo

What I do at work:

I design and develop software for mobile phones (i.e. iPhones, BlackBerries, any other phone). It involves conceptually designing software, writing code, as well as dealing with clients as part of the process. Also as a result of working in an emerging and developing industry, I have to get and keep current with all the current gadgets and trends.

On my own, I'm very interested in the social capacity of computing. The way we're all interacting over the internet is changing so quickly almost all of the industry players are perpetually playing catchup with one another. There are huge rewards for being ahead of the curve and knowing where the market will go.

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
- Wayne Gretzky

How I got my job:

I landed a full-time software developer position at a late-stage startup immediately after my graduation which I stayed at for 2 years until the funding ran out. I impressed some senior people at the company enough so that when they started a new company, I was one of the first people they sought out.

My first job:

I entered the workforce relatively late - my first job was a co-op software developer position out of university. It was a great experience, and I always think back to it when I want to remind myself of the value of hard work, and the feeling of being proud of your work.

Best advice I ever got:

On career: You never want to be a 'soldier' at work - you want to be a 'lieutenant'.

Soldiers, although good at what they do and useful, are ultimately overlooked in the grand scheme of things because they only do what they are told and are therefore hard to notice.

Be a lieutenant. Tell your boss what he doesn't know, but should. Help him think when he can't think. Become his right-hand man, become indispensable.

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