Name:Jason Scott
Profession:Senior Advisor, Government
Location:Thunder Bay, Ontario
Education:M.Sc., University of Guelph
 BA (Hons), , University of Guelph

What I do at work:

On behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, part of a Senior team developing a Growth Plan for Northern Ontario to help bring this part of the world into the 21st Century. Working towards a long-range strategic plan to diversify the economy away from traditional resource based industries (mining & forestry), capitalizing on the growing knowledge based economy and developing strategies to stem the out-migration of youth. My specific duties are to engage all manner of stakeholders, industry, business, politicians, youth groups and first nations to foster dialogue and ideas on how northern Ontario can best grow and prosper.

How I got my job:

Much preparation for the interview, supported by a solid and progressive career path since my first job (see below!)

My first job:

Other than the variety of student jobs I've had, most of which required me to don a hair-net, my first professional job was a summer minimum wage position at the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, doing wonderful field work in environmental conservation and in-office work. I got lucky, then capitalized on that luck to prove that I was more than merely a dispensable summer student!

Best advice I ever got:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life....

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