Name:Dana Dingman
Profession:Lawyer, Consulting
Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Education:JD (Law), Queen's University
 Communication Studies, University of Ottawa

What I do at work:

I am currently a lawyer living and practicing in the Ottawa area.

How I got my job:

Getting into law school was a three-fold effort. I had to keep my grades up, had to complete the required LSAT test (I wasn't very good at it and I'm a perfectionist- I had to take it three times before I was happy with the result), and be interested in school/community (law schools have interested students submit personal essays).

My first job:

My first job was working as a cashier at a grocery store. After a year of doing that, I moved to the bakery. I worked after school and all day Sunday by myself - it was exhausting!

Best advice I ever got:

"Despite how good you may be at something, there may be someone better." This is something I carry with me because it highlights two things: That once you reach a goal, keep going! If you sit back a celebrate your achievements for too long you may be left behind. Also, never forget that a little modesty can go a long way.

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