Name:Lauren McConnell
Profession:Employment Counsellor/ Job Developer, Non-Profit
Location:Toronto, Ontario
Education:B.A. Psychology and Minor - Family and Child Studies, University of Guelph

What I do at work:

I am an Employment Counsellor and a Job Developer. My agency works with people from the ages of 16-30 to help them gain employment or find training opportunites. I spend my days working one-on-one with clients to explore what they are interested in doing, what they need help with, and how I can assist. I work with all kinds of people including those with mental and physical disabilities. I teach workshops on how to write resumes, job search and interview well. I also work with employers all over the GTA to help them find employees who want to work for them.

How I got my job:

I found my job by applying on Charity Village (

My first job:

My first job was working in a jewlery store. I was 16.

Best advice I ever got:

After I graduated from university, I applied to jobs every single day for about 5 months before I found my job. It was so exhausting and discouraging at time. The best advice I ever got was "don't give up." I didn't and today I have a great job that I love going to!