Name:Nick Hodges
Profession:Environmental Consultant, Consulting
Location:Guelph, Ontario
Education:Fish & Wildlife Technician Diploma, Sir Sandford Fleming College
 Terrain & Water Technician Diploma, Sir Sandford Fleming College

What I do at work:

I work on a wide range of interesting environmental projects everyday. In the summer months I could be conducting field work to assess fish communities in southern Ontario streams to support an environmental assessment, or I might be conducting vegetation inventories in northern Ontario to assess the potential impacts of a proposed industrial project. My favourite projects involve ecological restoration where I work as part of a team of specialists to rehabilitate fish habitat, wetlands and forests.

How I got my job:

In high school I knew I wanted to work in the environmental field so I applied to Sir Sandford Fleming College (School of Natural Resources) in Lindsay, Ontario. But an unexptected turn of events led me to travel for several years between high school and college where I gained lots of great life experience and unforgettable moments. When I finished college I was unable to find work in the environmental field for the first year and instead I took a job as a landscaper. I felt down about not finding work when it seemed all of my friends from school were getting jobs and I was doing hard physical labour. As it turned out, that landscaping job not only taught me a lot about myself and my work ethic, it also gave me the experience I needed to land my first job as an environmental consultant. I made a cold call to that company to introduce myself and followed up by submitting a resume which led to an interview and eventually a job offer. I found cold calls to be effective because it sometimes meant I was essentially applying for unadvertised positions which meant there was less competition for that job. In my job interview I talked about some of the resourcefulness I developed from working in remote tree planting camps and that impressed my employer.

My first job:

My first first job was loading grocery bags into cars at the mall. I started when I was 14 and worked there until the end of high school. After that I went on to work as a restaurant cook, a treeplanter in B.C. and then as a kitchen manager for a remote treeplanting camp in northern Ontario before going to college.

Best advice I ever got:

Don't make decisions based on fear.

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