Online Mentor FAQs

What type of online mentors do you look for?

We look for educated professionals who have attained a certain level of success in their own lives who share our values of honesty, education and hard work. We aim to attract online mentors from all professional and social backgrounds.

Can women also become online mentors?

Yes, of course. We want women to sign up and inspire our proteges, especially our female proteges, and show them that they can achieve any profession that they choose.

How are online mentors matched to a protege?

Our program does not match proteges to online mentors. Instead proteges are free to read all online mentors profiles and can post a message on your profile page. You will be notified privately via email that a new message has been posted on your profile page and will be able to reply to it on your profile page for all to see.

How much time do I have to invest as an online mentor?

As an online mentor, you only receive an email alerting you when a protege has sent you a message.

Do you need to include a picture in your profile?

No, however providing a picture is encouraged for the following reasons. Only profiles with pictures appear on our featured mentor section and on the browse mentors page. It also helps put a face to the name so to speak for the protege, making you appear more real.

What are your expectations for online mentors and proteges?

My hope is that your example will encourage and inspire teens to follow in your footsteps and continue their education after high school and work hard to achieve their personal goals.

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