Become an Online Mentor

Mentoring a young person is a big responsibility and can change the lives of both the mentor and the protégé.

Our online mentors provide:

Information: Protégés can send any online mentor a question. The mentor will reply and share their knowledge and experience on their message board for all protégés to see. Mentors can also share their knowledge by creating articles that appear in the advice section.

Goal Setting: Online mentors help protégés discover talents and interests and can work with the protégé to set positive goals.

Advice: Our online mentors offer advice in reaching academic, career and personal goals.

Still have questions? Read our Online Mentor FAQs.

To sign up as a protégé which lets you contact online mentors and create a resume or budget, sign up here.

Note: If you have already signed up to create a resume or budget, you are automatically signed up as a protége and can use that account to sign in.
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