About This Site

Welcome to WithoutaFather.com

This site was created for teens growing up without a father or without a mother.

It was created for teens who:

  • never knew their fathers, or
  • rarely see their fathers after their parents' divorce, or
  • experienced the death of a parent, or
  • go through long periods of time without their father or mother because of work (e.g. service in the armed forces), or
  • have a physically present but emotionally absent parent.
In all these cases and many others, this site was created for you. It's for anyone trying to improve their life.

We offer honest advice about health, relationships, education, careers and money.

We also offer a resume builder tool that makes creating and updating your first resume easy.

There is also a budget tool that helps you create a budget which can help realize your personal goals like going to college, buying a car, traveling, etc.

Finally, you can find and ask our online mentors questions like "How did you get that job?", "What should I take in school to get the job you have?" or any other question you want to ask.

Spend some time on the site, let us know what you think and good luck in all your future endeavors!

The WithoutaFather.com Team
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