How to get along with your parent(s)

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Getting along with your parents when you are a teen can be difficult. It can be even harder if you only have one parent.

Say you get into an argument with your mom, when you live with both parents, maybe you go talk it out with your dad while things boil over. But if your mom is all you’ve got, arguments are much harder on both sides.

That’s why it’s just easier if you can avoid stupid arguments and get along with your parent(s). Here are some tips that can help.

Do well in school

Education is the highway to prosperity and a good life. Parents know this, that's why if they see you messing it up and not taking it seriously they get frustrated.

Stay out of trouble

Don’t do anything stupid like get arrested, drink underage, do drugs or hang out with stupid people going nowhere.

Get along with your siblings

Try to keep the fighting between you and your siblings to a minimum if you can help it. There's enough mean people out there, no need to have more meanness at home.

Don’t yell or whine

If you don’t want to be treated like a little kid, don’t yell or whine, only little kids yell and whine. If you have something to say, always say it in a controlled manner.

Show respect

You don’t know this yet but being a single parent is the hardest job. People always respond better when you show them some respect. And no one is more deserving of your respect than your single parent.

Get a job

If you are old enough, doing this on your own will make your mom or dad proud. It will also help the family finances by relieving a bit of pressure.

One last thing

It’s normal to get into arguments with your parents but if you ever feel like you’re about to explode and say some things you might regret just do this instead: take a deep breath and say: “I’m sorry but I think I need some time to cool off here”. Then take a break and go do something else, it’ll be good for them too!
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