A Story About Love and Divorce

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Happily Ever After Marriage is Sarah Hampson’s first book about her own experience with marriage, divorce and life after divorce. It’s also the inspiring story of how she raised three boys while working to reestablish her career. It’s personal, it’s honest and it’s full of compassion.

The book also includes the stories of others she’s interviewed in her popular column with the Globe and Mail which is how I met Sarah when she interviewed me for an article about WithoutaFather.com.

Writing about divorce, let alone your own, isn’t easy but it’s helpful to others. The book speaks to those in the midst of the process, those adjusting to life after and those who experienced it as children.

I respect all writers, but I admire writers like Sarah the most. The brave ones. They are not afraid to look back at the sometimes difficult journeys in their own lives and share with us the wisdom and understanding that can only be achieved through careful analysis and compassionate effort.

It helps us better understand own journeys and somehow helps enlighten the way towards our own happiness.

Sarah’s book will be available to the public in April of 2010.
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