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So, what should you wear when you are going for that interview? Or, what do you wear to impress that cute girl or guy on a first date? Or, worst of all, to meet his or her parents?

In the interview case, you want to be business casual, neat and tidy. Watch the Axe cologne – you don’t want anyone passing out cold! Keep your makeup and hair simple, no extreme styles. To convey a bit of your personality, use minimal accessories, like a scarf or bag in a colour you love.

Interview outfit

What you want to convey is a feeling of organization, trust, and responsibility. Your goal, in this case, is to dress for success and get that job!

For a guy, the key look here would be khakis, a v-neck sweater, and a dress shirt. Girls, a pencil skirt (not too short), or trousers, a bow blouse, and a sweater or jacket.

The colours red and navy are big in interviews, try and add touches of them to your looks.

Date outfit

The date outfit, much more fun and personal. Who hasn’t tried on five or even twenty looks trying to decide what to wear for that big night out?

Guys, again, watch the hygiene. Breath mints, a bit of deodorant, and very little cologne. Stick with something you feel comfortable in, that does not make you sweat or feel itchy.

Jeans and a nice shirt is the way to go. Girls, jeans and a dressy top are also the way for you. Cool shoes and a necklace or earrings are a great choice here, and can lead to a conversation. Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet or heavy perfume. Keep hair simple and clean. Makeup is a personal choice, for a date playing up the eyes or lips is an option if you wear makeup.

Meet the parents outfit

Meet the parents, scary stuff! Here you want to dress like you would for the job interview, only a bit more casual. Keep in mind that you are dating their son or daughter, so be respectful. Don’t wear any message t shirts, cover any tattoos at least for the first few meetings, and be mindful of your manners. For this meeting, a smile and some respect are the most important ingredients.

Stretch your look

To make your outfits’ value stretch, a simple addition of a scarf or change of belt can make the same outfit look very different. For instance, black jeans and a v-neck sweater for a date with a scarf and belt for a parent’s meeting is completely different and a great way to save money.
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