Dealing With Your Parents’ Divorce

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Dealing with your parents’ divorce is rough. You may feel like you’re part of it because you are part of the family but really it’s between your mom and your dad. Hopefully these tips can provide a bit of relief as you deal with these difficult times.

Why your parents’ are getting divorced

For whatever reason (your parents drifted apart, fell out of love, abuse, neglect), your parents determined that they can no longer live together in harmony. It’s a difficult decision that will affect everyone and perhaps most of all (and unfairly) you.

Your life will change

First your living arrangements will change. You will live primarily with one parent, you might even move out of your current home. This might mean a change of schools. Money might be tighter now that your parents are paying for two places.
During all of these changes, try to focus on your studies. I know it’s hard but getting more involved in school activities like sports can help get your mind off the drama at home.

Don’t get caught in the middle

If you feel like your parents are putting you in the middle, using you to vent off their frustrations through you or that they are using you pass along nasty messages to each other, kindly remind them that this upsets you. Remind them that you love them both and that you will not get involved in those kinds of things.

Talk to a pro

Talking about it can really help. Go talk to a counselor at school and tell them what you are going through. They can help and even recommend a good social worker or therapist who is a pro at dealing with this type of stuff. If you feel like the couselor you are talking to doesn't really care, try talking to another one that does. Don't give up.

One last thing

Divorce is really tough. It might feel like everything is coming apart in your world but hopefully your parents will realize that their love for you is more important than anything else and try to get along for your sake and always put your needs first.

If they can’t do that right now, it’s important you do that for yourself. That means staying focused on school, getting involved in positive activities like sports or the arts and talking to a counselor.

Things will work out, if you can make it through the night, there’s a better day.
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