How to Get a Job When You Have No Connections

By Sam Berns
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Do you have a friend that got an awesome job because their dad or mom helped them get it? The truth is a lot of people get their job because of the connections they have. This article teaches you how to get connections on your own!


Networking is developing contacts (people you met at events, work, school or via other people) and using them to your benefit when looking for work. Many of the best jobs are never even advertised, the only way to find out about them is through contacts, this is why networking is so important.

Where to network

The best place to network for work is at work. First, make sure you do a good job, no point networking if you’re not a good employee. Try to meet people in different departments that you wouldn’t otherwise meet. These contacts might be useful if ever you want to move into a better job in another department and even in a different company.

Other places you can network

You can also network through school, if you are in college, try the alumni association. They usually have events that match people who went to your school that like to help out the following generation. You can also make new contacts at different events like conferences, trade shows and training seminars.

Introduce yourself

Because you are creating your own contacts, you will have to introduce yourself. Try this: “Hello, my name is Isabelle Jones. I’m a communications major looking to find out what it’s like working in public relations.”

This is a great introduction because it gives the other person a way to respond: “Working in public relations is…” Also, when you introduce yourself, make sure you look people in the eyes and smile.

Informational interview

You can make a contact over the phone or by email too. Maybe you attended an event with a guest speaker in your chosen field. Give them a call or send them an email and tell them who you are, how you heard about them and ask them if they’d be available to answer questions about how they got to where they are. This is called an informational interview.

The point isn’t to get a job from them, it’s just to get some advice on how to go about it. If you impress them, perhaps they will forward your contact info to someone who they know is hiring.

One last thing

Give people a reason to want to help you. People like helping others but they won’t risk damaging their reputations if they feel you don’t quite measure up.

Demonstrate that you are a hard worker and show them the positive results you have obtained (not just with your grades but with your community involvement). Showing that you’ve helped others will go a long way in getting others to help you.
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