Why You Should Play Sports

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It’s fun

Playing sports is fun. It gets your mind off things and lets you have a good time especially if you are playing with good friends.

It’s good for your health

When you play sports, you burn calories, you strengthen your cardiovascular system and you tone your muscles. All this also improves your looks!


Teamwork can produce incredible results in any field. Sports are a great place to learn how to function as part of a team. You learn how to listen, discuss, persuade and put aside personal differences in order to achieve a higher goal that benefits the whole team.


Sport gives you an opportunity to inspire your teammates and move them towards an objective you are trying to achieve. Leading and influencing a group of people is a rare gift, sport gives that opportunity.


Competition is a reality of life. We compete at school, at work and even for love. Sport shows you how healthy competition can give you an incentive for self-improvement. You share victories, taste success and weather losses as a team and through it all you keep improving.

One last thing

These lessons will serve you well in life. Sport is great but it is not the only place where you can learn these lessons. You can volunteer, you can get involved in a school play or you can start your own business for example.

The point is you don’t always have to be a spectator. Get involved and get in the game!
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