How to Do Well in High School Without Losing Your Cool

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So, you want to go to that bush party on Friday, and you want to go out with that cool girl on Thursday. How do you still have a semi-decent life without the school work getting in your grill?

Before you ripcord out of this situation, here are a few tips that might help you out.

Get Involved OCT

Yes, I mean at school, On Company (school) Time. School is your "job" right now, and if you are known to be someone who is in there, taking one for the team, or writing for the paper, or on student council, there will be at least two positive outcomes (I swear!).

First of all, you will meet some new people and possible meet a random girl or guy you never would have met, and be the next Serena and Dan. Dan Humphrey of Gossip Girl is a prime example of a stud who studies and gets the girl.

Also, you can take my word from this since I was a teacher, the teachers will look at the fact that you care enough to put in some extra time to contribute to school stuff. It may help on your report card, and will definitely help any negotiating you might want to do for essays, or projects. See my example:

"Hey, I know this is random, sir, but I just got a text about this party, I got to go check it out. I am going to write about it for the school website. Would it be cool if I hand in my essay on Thursday? It is killer."

"Sure, go ahead and enjoy yourself."

Ok, maybe this is a stretch but you see my point. Get involved!

Trick Out your Study Pad

Wherever it may be, your bedroom, your den, trick it out. Make it somewhere you want to hang. Ask if you can have a snack cupboard, or even a mini fridge if you think it’s within reason. A personal Starbucks barista popping out of your closet or a private dj to spin some tunes are most likely out of the question, but what about a coffee machine or Ipod and dock? Paint it a colour you like, make sure you have everything you need to get in the study groove, and you won’t mind so much putting in the time to work on that report.

Organization is KEY

This is one I am sure you’ve heard so many times you are feeling ill, but it is so true. Make a chart of when each subject’s big assignments are due, and stick it up in your study pad. Use different coloured post it’s for each class, (Green for science, red for English, etc.) and pull them down when you’re done the assignment. In class, make sure you have the materials you need for the day by keeping your locker a non hazardous zone. If you know you have a big essay coming up in a few weeks, and it is due the day after a huge party, plan ahead and get it done the weekend before when boring is the name of the game.

Reward Yourself

This one should be easy, and it is important for keeping you motivated to keep up the work. Once you have finished a major paper, or book, or math exam, reward yourself with something you really enjoy. Either watch a hockey game, go gab a new issue of that mag you love, or buy a latte at the coffee shop. It helps to know as you write those words down or scribble another proof for that math class that that is waiting for you. If it helps, pin up a photo of what you’ll be doing afterwards. Maybe it’s a date with that hot girl, put her photo up and think how great it will be to see her and not have to worry about your grades.

Hope fully this advice will get you started to a stellar winter term and a great social life. Balance is what it’s all about. Remember (and here I am going to sound like a mom) get some exercise and eat well to help with your studying. Use the tips above and get involved, trick out that study nook, organize your load, and reward yourself.

Ivan Turgenev said, “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything, is ready, we shall never begin.”

Begin today and make one change towards a better approach to your school work.
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