How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

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Dating can be a lot of fun. But first, you need to get her to say yes when you ask her out. Don't stress out, she will notice. Instead follow these tips and proceed with confidence.

First, get to know her

If you just come out and say: "Hi, do you want to go out sometime?" not good.  She'll probably think to herself "ehh, no, you don't even know me."  Instead strike up a conversation and remember to keep things light, talk about things you both have in common like school, music or TV shows you both watch.  Find out what she likes, what she does for fun, then decide if you like her and want to see her again. 

Sell yourself (a little, not too much though)

When you're getting to know her, make sure to listen closely and mention things about yourself that she might like.  Don't brag though, play it cool and be yourself. 

For example, if you ask her what music she listens to and she says Coldplay, you can say you are learning to play one of their songs on the guitar or if you don't play the guitar you can say that she might also enjoy another band called Radiohead.  This shows her that you have things in common and you learning the guitar or sharing your musical knowledge might impress her and motivate her to know more about you. 

Find out if she has a boyfriend

Once you know each other a bit better, you can ask her if she's seeing (dating) anyone.  One way to find out, without asking her directly, is to ask her friends or assume she already has a boyfriend and say something like: "What are you and your boyfriend doing this weekend?"  If she says this and that then you know she has a boyfriend, however, if she corrects you and says that she doesn't have a boyfriend then you know she's single.

She will probably see right through you though, I think it's better to be direct and just ask her if she's seeing anyone at the moment.  Plus, this way it lets her know in a very small way that you are a little bit interested so when you do actually ask her out, it's not a total shock.  Caution: this should not be the first question you ask her, step one is getting to know her first.  And if she has a boyfriend, don't ask her out.

Ask her out

OK, so you've spent some time getting to know her, you like her and she doesn't have a boyfriend, ask her out.  Make sure to do it in person and try to do it without friends around if you can help it.  (Phone is ok but you won't get to read her reaction.)  Think back to the things she said she liked and try to work that into you asking her out. 

For example, imagine she told you she really liked art, once you get the conversation going, you might say: "Hey, I know you like art and there's an exhibit I was planning on checking out this week, I think you'd like it, we should totally check it out if you want."  This will show her that you actually paid attention when she was talking and is sure to score you some points.  Or you can be more direct and simply say: "hey, do you want to hang out sometime?" that can also work.

What if she says no

No worries, most times this is what you'll hear and it's totally ok.  Even if the girl wants to go out with you she might still say no the first time you ask.  Maybe she's busy that night but can go out the following evening.  Maybe it's because she wants to make sure you really like her and are serious.  Or maybe she just doesn't want to go out with you at this time.  Whatever the reason, you need to play it cool and not let it get you down.  Ask her if another night works better, if she still says no, just say: "no worries, maybe some other time" and carry on like nothing ever happened.

What if she says yes

OK, awesome.  Ask for her number and say you'll call her later to make plans.  If you say you're going to call, you have to call!  And when you call, talk a little before you actually start talking about the date (you can ask her how the rest of her day went, anything really).

One last thing

Don't worry about getting rejected, it may seem way worst than it is but truth be told, it's no big deal.  The key is how you react, if you play it cool and stay respectful, you're sure to impress and people will take note.  
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