Real Advice

Friends (1)

Learn how to make new friends, be a good friend and keep your friendships going well.

Dating (3)

Dating advice including how to ask someone out on a date, how to get asked out on dates and what to do on dates.

Sex (1)

Learn about teen sex and everything that comes with it.

Sports (1)

Learn a new sport or get better at your favorite sport.

Money (1)

Learn different ways to save and make money.

School (3)

You spend so much time in school, why not make the most of it! Find out how to get better grades, how to apply to colleges and universities and everything else that goes along with being in school.

Health (1)

Health is like friendship, you usually don't know how valuable it is until you lose it. Find out how you can stay healthy and happy! Here you'll find information on diets, nutrition, exercise and whatever else you need to know to stay fit and healthy.
Learn about the effects of smoking, drinking and doing drugs.
Drugs & Alcohol

Family (3)

Find tips for getting along better with you parents and siblings.
Read about preparing, finding, and handling that perfect job for you.
Jobs & Careers

Food (1)

Discover how to prepare your favorite meals (easily), stay healthy and save money!

Cars (1)

Get driving tips, car insurance tips, buying your first car tips and more!

Fashion (1)

Tips for looking your best. Learn how to shave, apply make-up or dress up for that date or job interview.

Life (3)

Discover all the small things that can really make a difference.
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